The Kollam Co-Operative Spinning Mills Ltd.


Established on February 13, 1976, under the Co-operative Societies Act, The Kollam Co-operative Spinning Mills is strategically situated in Karamcode, merely three kilometres from Chathanoor towards Trivandrum, adjacent to the National Highway. Spanning 22.73 acres of land procured in the late 1970s, our administrative and manufacturing facility stands as a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and innovation. Positioned approximately three kilometres from Chathanoor towards Trivandrum, the mill is situated in Karamcode alongside the National Highway. Initially, the Administrative cum Factory covered an expansive 3.5 acres of land. However, the present landholding has reduced to 8.50 acres.

Trial Production

Commencing trial production in October 1983 with a single shift, The Mills embarked on its journey towards excellence. At the outset, we employed approximately 25 staff members, encompassing both technical and non-technical roles, alongside a team of 78 skilled workers. Over the years, our workforce has expanded, and today, we proudly employ 112 dedicated individuals who contribute to our continued growth and success.

Commercial Production

In November 1986, The Mills achieved a significant milestone with the commencement of commercial production, operating across all three shifts. Concurrently, we initiated an apprenticeship program, appointing worker apprentices who underwent a rigorous two-year probationary period. Presently, our operations run seamlessly, operating round the clock with three shifts, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and service to our valued customers.

Machinery Capacity

The Mills boasts an existing spindle capacity of 7296 spindles, integrating cutting-edge technology throughout our operations. Each department is outfitted with high-productivity, high-efficiency, and cost-effective machinery. In the winding department, we utilize 4 state-of-the-art link Coners to optimize processes. Our Blow Room, Carding, and Drawframe departments feature top-of-the-line German Truetzschler machinery, renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovative solutions in the textile industry. Additionally, our Simplex Department is equipped with 1 LMW make speed frame, housing 200 spindles, while our Spinning Department operates 4 spinning ring frames, collectively accommodating the 7296 spindles. To further enhance efficiency, the Winding department utilizes 4 Savio Eco Pulsar link Coners.

Aims & Objectives

The primary mission of the Mills is twofold: to offer employment opportunities to the industrially backward populace residing in rural areas and to fulfill the requirements of Handloom Weavers across Kerala. At present, our production spectrum encompasses Cotton Yarn (Carded) and Polyester Cotton Yarn, featuring a diverse range of counts including Cotton yarn - 60s, 62s, and PC Yarn - 46s, 47s, 50s, 56s, 60s, 62s, and 67s. Through our comprehensive product offerings, we aim to meet the varied demands of our customers while simultaneously fostering economic growth in our communities and supporting traditional handloom weaving practices.