Quilon Logo
(An Industrial Co-operative Unit under Department of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Kerala)
The Quilon Co-operative Spinning Mills was registered on 13.02.1976 under the Co-operative Societies Act. The Mill is located at Karamcode about three Kilometers from Chathannoor towards Trivandrum by the side of the National Highway. The Administrative cum Factory is situated in 22 .73 Acres land purchased in late 70`s
Trial Production
The Mills started trial production in October 1983 by running one single shift. The Mills appointed around 25 staff, both technical & non technical & 78 skilled workers.
Commercial Production
The commercial production of the Mills started in November 1986 when all the 3 shifts started working, worker apprentices were appointed & they were put on probation for two years.
Machinery Capacity
The Blow Room of the Mills had Scrutchers-2 No`s, MBO- 3 No`s, Mono cylinder 1 No., Auto mixer-1 No., ERM Cleaners- 2 No`s & Filter Plant- 1 No. The carding Department, had Tandem Cards- 8 No`s & HP Cards- 12 No`. The Drawing Department had Draw frames- 8 No`s. The Simplex Department had speed frames- 7 No`s. The Spinning Department had- 52 No`s spinning ring frames, with a total capacity of 24960 spindles. The Winding department had Winding Machines- 4 No`s.
Aims & Objectives
The prime objective of the Mills was to provide employment to the industrially back ward people of rural areas & to cater the needs of Hand loom Weavers of Kerala. Initially the Mill was producing Hank Yarn of various counts like 2/17`s, 20`s, 2/20`s, 26`s. 30`s, 40`s, 2/40`s, 60`s. 2/60`s, 80`s & 2/80`s we were also producing cone yarn of 20`s, 40`s, 44`s, 60`s,62`s, 64`s & 80`s & this Hank yarn was sold to Hantex, Hanveev, N.H.D.C & Primary Co-operative Societies & the cone yarn to our depot agents at Mumbai. However by the year 2001-02 the Mills were forced to stop production of Hank Yarn & switch completely to cone yarn primarily because many of the primary societies & Hantex owed the Mills huge sums against the purchases they had made from the Mills & as a result of this the Mills started facing financial crisis & ultimately had to stop the production of hank yarn totally.